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Research & Development

The Company very well understands that the quality of agricultural commodity has to be maintained right from the farm. Better quality seeds, modern farming techniques natural manure and hygienic condition are very essential to get better quality produce. The Company has appointed agricultural graduates to educate the farmers about the sources of quality seeds and advice the farmers about latest machines available for harvesting etc.

The Company maintains its own farm to carry out the testing of Coriander seeds available in various sources and advice the farmers which are the best seeds suitable for them.

In spite of huge production of Coriander in India, the Country is importing Coriander seeds suitable for growing Coriander leaves. As the requirement and sales of Coriander leaves for growing day by day, the company is process of identifying and growing seeds suitable for leaves purpose that the country can become self sufficient for the seed requirement.

With insincere efforts, the company is confident that it can source most of its requirements of various Spices directly from the farmers in future so that traceability can be established easily.

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