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Spices Harvest Calender

Common Name Part Used Months
BLACK PEPPER Berry Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
CARDAMOM Capsule Jan, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
CHILLIES Fruit Jan, Feb, March, Oct, Nov, Dec
CLOVE Unopened flower bud Jan, Feb, Dec
CINNAMON Bark Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
CASSIA (INDIAN) Bark Jan, Feb, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
GINGER Rhizome Jan, Feb, Dec
TURMERIC Rhizome Jan, Feb, Mar
GARLIC Bulb Feb, Mar, Apr
MUSTARD Seed Feb, Mar, Apr
KOKAM Fruit May, Jun, Jul
MACE Aril Jun, Jul, Aug
NUTMEG Kernal Jun, Jul, Aug
POMEGRANATE Seed Jan, Feb, Mar
TAMARIND Mesocarp Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun
VANILLA Pod Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr
DILL Fruit & Leaf Feb, Mar
CELERY SEED Fruit May, Jun
CORIANDER Fruit & Leaf Feb, Mar
CUMIN SEED Fruit Feb, Mar
FENNEL SEED Fruit Feb, Mar
AJOWAN (BISHOP'S WEED) Fruit Jan, Feb, Mar
GARCINIA Pericarp May, Jun, Jul, Aug
SAFFRON Stigma Oct, Nov
BASIL Leaf Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr

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